Poe Prairie

Burial List

  The Poe PrairieCemetery
Millsap, Parker County, Texas

The link to Landreth cemetery is by Peggy Lamb, daughter of Hop and Ima (Clark) Miller.
The burial  list has names, dates, inscriptions and links to photos of the markers.
Photos of most of the graves were added and linked to the burial list in June 2008.

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President Secretary Treasurer
James Chipman Joanne Barnhart Stark Smith
Barry Smith, Lee Lack, Poyner
Donations for the upkeep of the Cemetery:
Make checks payable to:
"Poe Prairie Cemetery Association"
James Chipman, 4723 South Hwy 113, Millsap, Texas  76066

Annual Meetings:
Last Tuesday in April at the Millsap Community Center.
3rd Saturday night (6pm) in July Ice Cream Social at the Cemetery.

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